Do you want to become a knight?
Come join us for knight school! Horseback training includes games such as rings, javelin, flags as well as jousting. Combat training includes ground fighting with a variety of medieval weapons. Our instructors are experts in full contact jousting and hand to hand combat. They have been performing and teaching for over a decade.

The Imperial knights are the most qualified instructors available and recognize that, depending on a student's experience or inexperience, all classes are individualized to that student. All the necessary equipment, including horses, are provided for you during your training. Please contact us for more information.

Dressage & High School!
Our riding instructor Andrea Montgomery has been a dressage and High School trainer with Imperial Knights for over 15 years. In addition to her lengthy list of riding and training credentials, Andrea spent 5 years previous to signing on with Imperial Knights as the head rider of the Royal Lipizzaner Stallion Show. Her talent and patience bring out the best in any horse or rider.

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