The Imperial Knights can create a show to fit any occasion!  

Whether you need a full-contact joust to entertain a large crowd or an educational program for a school assembly, we can tailor your show to fit in any space and please any age group while we bring your vision to life!

Not sure what you want?  Below are descriptions of our most popular shows:

The Imperial Knights’ pride ourselves on our large scale tournaments and hand to hand combat performances. 

Our expert Knights and trainers have knowledge and experience unmatched by any other jousting company. 

Our knights have performed for clients in a huge variety of locations and conditions.

No matter the location, we create a battle re-enactment that will delight your audience! 

From skillful sword fights to a trilling full speed joust, we can provide every combination of Knightly skills for your event!

Our jousts are FULL CONTACT! 
Each pass is real ... and so is the danger! 

Our Knights compete nationally and hold many individual titles, as well as a 2006 Team Championship

When you see Imperial Knights in action, you are witnessing a timeless tradition re-created to perfection!

Educational and Anti-Drug Programs ~ Let Us Bring the Field Trip to You!

Young minds are fascinated by the images of powerful Knights and beautiful Ladies.

Nothing captures their attention and imagination like having the Imperial Knights bring these images to life right in front of them. 

We can bring our shows to your location and tailor it to fit any field or multi-purpose room.

Imperial Knights’ educational programs bring history to life! 

Nothing gets students involved like having characters right out of their text books speaking and answering their questions. 

In accordance with grade level standards, we give an educational presentation complete with demonstrations and authentic tools.

Our educational school show helps give kids the courage to “Just Say No” by inspiring them to follow their dreams, in a totally unique and unforgettable way. 

While many other programs can have trouble getting through to young people, students of all ages find it easy to connect with our show’s message.

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